Industries we cater.
The Shift is coming.

Industries we cater.
The Shift is coming.

We expect a high proliferation of surveillance solutions across the industry powered by AI and Deep Learning models like ours. These have yielded high ROI and widespread interest across stakeholders as a business solving tool making them competent with the existing and new entrants.


Secure your home and society while you are away. Upgrade to KazaCam Smart Home – Intelligent Video Surveillance, Anytime Anywhere. Kazacam Smart Home can help secure your home with useful features designed in KazaCam.

Smart Home Surveillance

  • Camera tamper and Human detection/alert near the door
  • Asset tracking and object left/removed near doorstep/lobby or unmarked society area
  • Area/zone intrusion – Entry and Exit using geo-fencing and line monitoring
  • Child monitoring at home & in play area; Elders/Senior Citizens health at home in sitting areas/lobbies
  • Replace Doorbell with Door camera – distinguish human detect, facial recognition, object detect
  • Pet watch – pet tracking, human detect, lack of movement
  • Monitor real-time monitoring on phones/handhelds anytime anywhere and Video search/summary – quickly scan stored video of events

Buildings and City

KazaCam Intelligent Video Surveillance is your realtime security solution that monitors and controls all your private/public utilities. A solution that detects and reports problems in real-time this solution improves safety, reduces crime and secure your premises from any human error and video verification.

Building & City Surveillance​

  • Reduce vehicle theft, Residential and Commercial Burglary, and vandalism.
  • Automatically identify persons at crossings, airports or train stations.
  • Protecting schools and other public buildings from intrusion.
  • Enabling police force, security authorities, emergency response services and city workers the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively
  • All the above are powered with features like Intelligent video motion detection, Camera tamper detection, Intrusion detection, Line crossing/wrong way, Object left/removed, Crowd detection/Estimation, Face recognition, Video search and summary
  • Traffic & Monitoring by Vehicle Monitoring, License plate recognition, Max. vehicle speed and Accuracy above 95%, Recognizes many types of license plates containing various languages, Blacklist check; Speed Gun integration, Traffic monitoring, Traffic statistics collection and analysis, Automatic detection of traffic violations, Recognition of vehicle types
  • KazaCam platform gives a real time unified Digital Surveillance Center for the society, campus and city with its smart, scalable, future-proof solution for a modern establishment.

Retail Stores

KazaCam Retail Solution helps you to identify and prevent unauthorized alterations, substitutions, cancellations, and forgeries by monitoring the respective CCTV cameras checkout areas and combines this information with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft.

Our advanced search options can quickly view any time frame, transaction, or customer. Also we can go live to see what is happening at any checkout counter at any time. All video image can be zoomed, panned, or printed to enable the physical security workforce.

Smart Store Management

  • Visitor counting
  • Queue management
  • Optimise Staff Scheduling, Manage Cash Register/POS
  • Realtime Customer demographics-age/gender/product preferences
  • Efficient Inventory, Customer Service by staff optimisation and Space Planning of Stores

Agile Marketing

  • Identification of store «hot spots» where visitors congregate to enhance direct marketing accordingly
  • Compare sales between stores
  • Sales conversions – how many purchase more accurately
  • VIP recognition with alerts and Loyalty customers recognition

Agile Safety & Security

  • Monitoring of checkout transactions
  • Identify Shoplifter using face recognition
  • Intrusion detection for back office and warehouse
  • Video surveillance combined with powerful, dynamic analysis, in both live and recorded video modes


KazaCam intelligent video surveillance is customised to handle all critical checkpoints in a bank. They help detect and prevent fraud, theft branch-wide. Our Intelligent video platform seamless integration with your existing CCTV and monitoring systems give you complete control over all transactions and activities – from the teller’s desk to the ATM.

The powerful platform central monitoring system gives the following security and agility to efficiently run a reliable banking operations 24 x 7.

Efficient Banking Surveillance

  • All transactions are automatically synchronized with corresponding video
  • Customized video recording: let the system record continuously
  • Alert operators to emergency security or operational concerns
  • Simultaneous remote viewing of multiple cameras and security zones
  • Intelligent video search: by date, time, card number, ATM number, transaction amount
  • Generate reports about the performance, reliability and readiness of all the ATM terminals in your network
  • Alert Central Command Center via Face Recognition for masked face, more than 2 persons count at one time and ATM operating limit beyond estimated

SOHO and Enterprises

KazaCam provides an integrated security solution that spans every aspect of an organisation. A high ROI by providing your company’s business intelligence with security that works with every other system you own — affordably, out of the box.

Theft, damage, disasters, sabotage, and even terrorism are real and present threats to the industry today. Real-time monitoring of all parts of your business ensures that you’re ready to respond to any challenge.

Powerful Access Control System

  • Can a person sneak into your facilities by taking someone else’s access card?
  • Do you get real-time information about who is entering and leaving your buildings?
  • Is your security system able to differentiate access privileges in sensitive areas versus less-sensitive areas?

Kazacam performs visual verification of events at entries/exits. The Access Control feature reads a user’s access card. Simultaneously, the operator is shown the photo and information of the card’s rightful owner from the database. The company security can compare the database picture and the camera picture before deciding whether to allow access.

Company Security can view the event log in order to trace the history of user entries/exits.

Facility Access Management

  • Are you proactive in preventing theft at company facilities?
  • Do you do enough to protect your company’s intellectual property?
  • Could employee timeliness and discipline be optimized?

Simplify creation/editing of users and access levels. Modify user entries from client workstations.

Protect company property by restricting employee and visitor access, as well as movement of merchandise to and from facilities. Safeguard intellectual property by creating and configuring access levels within the company, at both the individual and department levels.

Fire and Smoke Alarm System

  • Do you have effective tools for resolving emergencies at your business?
  • Are you receiving automatic notifications of emergencies as they happen?
  • Can you be sure that your fire safety equipment is in good working order?

Integration of alarms with other security subsystems offers major benefits for security staff. Now if a fire alarm is triggered, an operator can instantly reference the relevant video footage to determine whether a fire is truly occurring. Access to camera closest to the suspected fire, so that the operator can visually determine the presence of smoke/open flame and react accordingly.

No more false alarms! The reverse is possible as well: if a flame is visible on screen but the fire alarm has not been triggered.

KazaCam DigiAttendance Management System

Time and Attendance is always an issue, regardless of the industry. Imagine a workforce you are trying to manage across Regions/States, Premises and sometimes even Timezones.

Punch in-out cards, tapping cards, RFID Cards and even fingerprint biometrics are systems of the past and could be costing in the long run.

With today’s business becoming more flexible and agile, new generation employees expect modern conveniences when they look for new careers and you could be missing out on talent.

KazaCam DigiAttendance Management system powered by Face Recognition, helps solve all workforce attendance management shortcomings, help your business grow, develop and reach higher levels of productivity with enhanced security.

This simplified digital unified system and secured platform is giving employees hassle free access across workplace with a one time verification process. The unique ID generated would be linked to your facial scan and resolve infrastructure problems by all secured access, avoids buddy tailgating, waiting time during peak hours in offices, factories and campuses.

Further value comes from notifications via custom triggers, alarms and live/video recording-monitored and managed centrally.

This system can be further extended to implement Zone Monitoring and Geo-Fencing for student campuses, prohibited areas and hazardous / accident prone areas.


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KazaCam is a Microsoft BizSpark Plus incubated start-up, with laser focus on building cloud-based products that leverage IoT and Advanced Analytics to deliver targeted solutions to solve real world problems that enterprises face across verticals.


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