Where is KazaCam Useful?

Domestic as well as Business users across SOHO to Mid-market to truly large and multi-location Enterprises can benefit from our technology.

Where is KazaCam Useful?

KazaCam Delivers High-value Benefits & Differentiators
for Ease of Setup & Use, alongside Cost Effectivenes

Cloud Storage

Data is stored in the cloud for redundancy, longer retention at fraction of cost of traditional systems and provides the flexibility for the data to be backed up on to on-premise storage, if needed.

No Network Dependancy

Users only need IP cameras, which send and receive data over Internet to the Cloud backend, and can function with or without a network attached Aggregator device.


Simply add as many additional Sites to be monitored and Cameras as needed and KazaCam will take care of the rest to provide seamless functionality, without stoppage or service outage.

Always On

KazaCam offers increased security, more uptime and the capability to run 24/7, 365 days a year, year-after-year.

100% Web Based

KazaCam is 100% web-based with cross-browser & multi device platform and form factor capability.

Secure Data

With Cloud video storage, surveillance footage cannot be destroyed or physically damaged.

Email & SMS Alerts

Receive immediate email alerts and real-time updates from anywhere, anytime.

No External Hard Drives

Customers don’t need to invest in dedicated servers or store footage onsite.

Plug & Play

Easy IP camera system control with plug-and-play capability.

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Out of the box
KazaCam uses

The value proposition goes beyond mere securing the assets, but can lead to leveraging deep ML based analytics to deliver on business value like increased sales in retails stores and to better understand customer behavior and make strategic decisions that were not possible earlier.

Retail is the one of fastest growing vertical and is driven by retailers that operate multiple outlets and branches and are now upgrading from traditional DVR and/or analog surveillance systems to KazaCam like cloud-scale, IP based VSaaS offerings.

Crime and Business Losses
  • Video surveillance is shown to be effective for decreasing crime and businesses lossess.
  • Better still – understanding store layout, inventory placement and customer flow through the store helps find opportunities for maximizing upsell & cross sell opportunities by delivering customized offerings.
Fleet & Transit Monitoring
  • Video surveillance offers insight into traffic flow and can help decrease the instances of vandalism or theft in public transit.
  • Fleet monitoring with Video & IoT sensory data allows tracking of vehicles in real-time to ensure safety of both personnel & cargo being shipped .
Governments, City Surveillance & Infrastructure
  • Manage and analyze everything from vehicular and pedestrian traffic to crime and vandalism.
  • 24/7 surveillance of banks and surrounding areas without the risk of storing data onsite.
Environment/Agriculture Projects
  • Monitor weather, nature and animal behavioral patterns.
Education (K-12 & Higher Education)
  • Increased security for students and staff.
Residential Development/Housing Authorities/Hotels
  • Monitor development, construction and existing sites to decrease instances of vandalism, theft or injury.
  • Live and Recorded Video Streaming at Scale for Creche using Role Based Access.
  • Long-Term Storage for important recordings.
  • Automated Attendance using Face Recognition.


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KazaCam is a Microsoft BizSpark Plus incubated start-up, with laser focus on building cloud-based products that leverage IoT and Advanced Analytics to deliver targeted solutions to solve real world problems that enterprises face across verticals.


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